Saturday, June 1, 2013

5 Life-Changers

Most people encounter some truly phenomenal people during their lifetime. Others have profound experiences while watching a movie, or in the middle of a great book. Traveling to a faraway land and completely taking in a beautiful place inspires others from that moment forward.

What five things have changed your life?  Was it a book you just so happened to come across and couldn't put down? Or visiting a historic site in Europe? What about combat experiences (intense struggles) in foreign lands during an armed conflict, or spiritually while seeking God and Happiness?

I will start with my list.

1. Recognizing God and the Universe in everything around me. Good and bad.

2. 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. The story has a unique way of putting adversity into persepctive.

3. Combat deployments. The extremes in humanity at its best and worst, coupled with extremes in emotion make for a life-changing experience. These times are worth reflecting on at a conscious level without allowing the negative memories to influence my Presence and happiness.

4. Injuries. They always have a way of letting you know just where you stand, and communicate to you in a such a way that you cannot help but listen. Take their lessons and apply.

5. My Wife. Without her, I would be stuck in a rut and never learned how to rise above and grow as a human being.

Comment on your life-changing experiences below. If you have less than five, that's perfectly fine. If you have more, feel free to include them all.