Saturday, June 1, 2013

5 Life-Changers

Most people encounter some truly phenomenal people during their lifetime. Others have profound experiences while watching a movie, or in the middle of a great book. Traveling to a faraway land and completely taking in a beautiful place inspires others from that moment forward.

What five things have changed your life?  Was it a book you just so happened to come across and couldn't put down? Or visiting a historic site in Europe? What about combat experiences (intense struggles) in foreign lands during an armed conflict, or spiritually while seeking God and Happiness?

I will start with my list.

1. Recognizing God and the Universe in everything around me. Good and bad.

2. 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. The story has a unique way of putting adversity into persepctive.

3. Combat deployments. The extremes in humanity at its best and worst, coupled with extremes in emotion make for a life-changing experience. These times are worth reflecting on at a conscious level without allowing the negative memories to influence my Presence and happiness.

4. Injuries. They always have a way of letting you know just where you stand, and communicate to you in a such a way that you cannot help but listen. Take their lessons and apply.

5. My Wife. Without her, I would be stuck in a rut and never learned how to rise above and grow as a human being.

Comment on your life-changing experiences below. If you have less than five, that's perfectly fine. If you have more, feel free to include them all.


  1. Every experience is life changing when your awake!!!

    The stirs of the heart and soul and consciousness .....knowing that life is not as it seems....and finding that special soul willing to show you secrets. Thanks Stony! You're my Socrates ...!!! Without him my shackles wouldn't have been released. "When the student is ready the master will come." I acknowledge his life!!!

  2. 1. Franz Kafka's Diaries. Genius collection of experiences, thoughts and reflections.
    2. Combat. Nothing like it anywhere else.
    3. My wife and kids. Best things to ever happen to me.
    4. Imagination. Has gotten me through the best times and the worst times.


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