Saturday, May 18, 2013

Doesn't Matter What You Do

By Jeannette Maw

Sometimes we get caught up in trying to decide what to do, analyzing which option is best.
  • Quit this job or stay put?
  • Stay in this relationship or get out?
  • Go ahead with this medical procedure or wait for another solution?
  • Spend this money now or save it for later?
It can be maddening when we don’t have strong guidance making it clear which is the best option.
That’s when I like to remember that it doesn’t matter what we do.
It only matters how we feel.
Because our world is unfolding according to our energy, not our action.
So even if I picked a “smart” action, if I continue doubting and second-guessing that action, that energy won’t lead to my highest success.
On the other hand, if I picked a ridiculous path that seems very unlikely to work out – if I feel confident and flow positive expectations about that decision, I’ll be better served than if I chose something out of fear or obligation.
It’s worth remembering next time you’re stuck in indecision wondering what the right thing to do is.
It’s also why it’s pointless to judge another’s action, since we don’t know what their vibration is around it. As in, maybe Angelina Jolie found her highest relief in having an elective double mastectomy. Whatever she feels best about is what works best for her. The same is true for each of us, even when we land on different answers.
There is no such thing as “right thing to do.” There is only “best way to feel.”
Which option makes it easier for you to feel good? Go with that one.
And then LET it be the right decision. Get on board with it and feel good about it, whichever you choose.
Because it’s those good vibes that make the difference.
It’s not what you do that counts; it’s how you feel.

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