Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Peace In The Middle Of Social Media Domination

Social Media vs. Your Inner Peace

Yeah, you probably found this blog via Facebook. After sifting through and probably 'liking' all the Grumpy Cat and Benghazi memes, you made the effort to click the link to this page. After reading about Angelina Jolie and her preventative double mastectomy, you are now here. And I thank you for coming to read my ramblings. I really do.
As social media rapidly becomes our source for all 'information' (whether we like it or not), do you ever sit back and question how the content on your news feed makes you feel? I mean REALLY feel, from the 'lol' you post on a picture or meme you think is mildly entertaining, to the politically or religiously offensive post your friend shared. As you scroll down the page, you are taking in loads of crap which, whether you know it or not, is affecting your well-being.
Sure, depending on your individual taste, that meme really COULD make you laugh. Or make you angry. And if you feel that post is worth sharing, you risk putting out content which could seriously ruin another person's day. But why is that? Why should we tip-toe around the internet and refrain from reposting things you find awesome simply because someone else might be profoundly offended? Why can't they just lighten up?
Because we are all different. But we are also the same. We all want happiness, some of us are just fooled into believing that awesomely offensive memes make us feel good. They really don't. All of that negative energy manifests into ugliness - depression, hatred, horrible outlook on life, physical illness, lethargy, and various other very real conditions.
I know, you are calling bullshit. And that's fine. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. Most of you who are reading this are Type A snake-killers and baby-eaters, 'obligated' by your Ego to be as abbrasive and hardcore as possible. You probably won't get it. It's not that you are not smart enough to get it, it's just that you are not ready. But if you are a Type A snake-killing, baby-eating Apex Warrior who is struggling with depression, substance abuse, anxiety, anger (or anger addiction) etc., then I really do hope you are able to be more open to this.
IF you want to live a happier existence, free from the clutter and negativity of social media, do this -
  • Unlike all the negative/offensive Facebook pages you think you enjoy
  • Treat people better - Be the change you want to see in the world
  • Find the positive in every negative situation. Then focus on the positive
  • Spend less time online and more time with friends and family
  • Quit trying to acquire more 'things' and enjoy the stuff you have
  • Be open to these weirdo concepts I'm talking about. I promise you won't lose you Man Card

I don't have all the answers, and never will. If you can think of more ways to improve your life (on social media and otherwise), please comment below. Good, bad, positive, negative - I accept all comments and criticizm. It helps me grow.

These are just my quick thoughts as I sit here trying to avoid doing some real work. Or perhaps the REAL work is getting the word out and trying to help the people I really care about? I am learning and growing, finding peace through awareness and conscious actions and thoughts. And it helps. Believe in yourself and know that God and His Universe really does have a plan for you. And in hindsight, that path has always been perfect. As will the future.




  1. Keep writing. I love it.. T95

    1. T95, you need to either start your own blog (because you write raw and true, and those are two elements to an interesting read), or email them and I can post to my blog crediting you as author.

  2. Thanks! I plan on getting back to it right away once I return from traveling.

  3. Great blog and your right Thai, they're is a lot to consider in what you wrote and how things are going in this place so keep it up ! My only wish is that I had enough time away from work to do the same thing. Keep the fire.

    1. Thank you, and I hope you find time to do what you desire!


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