Monday, May 13, 2013

Giving Away A Dollar A Day

'Making it Rain' With Less Pain

During my recent research into personal growth (which has been approached at numerous different

angles), I happened upon the current copy of Law of Attraction magazine.

As someone who has historically stressed himself out over money issues, I was happy to see that the

magazine contained several articles on the subject.

In particular, the article 'Path to Prosperity' by Jewels Johnson caught my interest with the concept

that 'giving away a dollar a day can transform your life'. What? Give away money, the one thing I'm

desperately trying to acquire?? Surely only the most wealthy and altruistic persons can afford to be so

foolish with their money! So I read on, open to the subject and intrigued by the concept.

The gist of the article is to give away one dollar a day, and benefit from the good that 'giving'

provides. Here is an excerpt from the article describing a gentleman named Todd Silva, the man

from Texas who created the website -

"Todd began telling me that in 2007, he was facing some real financial difficulties. It seemed like money was kept slipping through his fingers, and security was always out of reach. Todd became so obsessed about money, his reactions were overbearing. It was apparent to all that he was miserable. His fears became compounded by the thoughts of what would happen if he wasn't able to be a good provider. Life was not joyful when, with every waking moment, he worried about money."

What follows in the article is a fun and revealing read. It's amazing what can happen when you allow

God and His Universe to provide you with everything you need. And give a little.

Check out these websites for further information:,  and

 And be open to it, you carnivorous, Type-A, worrying-about-money goofballs!


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